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View your photos online

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2012 08:08PM EST

GifBoom gives you several ways to export your GIFs outside of the GifBoom app. If you do not have a social media account, you still have a couple of ways to view your GIFs from a desktop computer. If you want to view your GIFs online but don't have a social media account:

1. Select the GIF you would like to view on a desktop. This can either be another user's or it can be your own GIF. 

2. Tap the More Options button on the bottom right hand of the dock. This will be represented by an icon of an ellipses (...). 

3. Tap Copy share URL. This will copy the GIF's unique URL into your iOS/Android device's clipboard. From here, you can e-mail the link to yourself by pasting the URL into an e-mail. 

You can also paste your GIF's unique URL anywhere else just to view it. Then you can manually type it into your desktop's web browser.

Here is an example of what a GIF will look like once it is published and ready to be viewed online.
seconds ago
a minute ago
minutes ago
an hour ago
hours ago
a day ago
days ago
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